Usain Bolt's signature pose actually comes from a Jamaican tourism ad

BY Brett Smiley • November 15, 2016

The world's fastest man and Jamaica's most well-known son, Usain Bolt, debuted his signature pose at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Numerous 100-meter and 200-meter first-place finishes later, the "bolting" pose remains the central act of the sprinter's identity and celebrations. But the pose isn't exactly a lightning bolt as his name and speed suggest.

Via's Tim Layden:

It was in Beijing that Bolt unveiled his signature To Di World pose, copied from a Jamaican tourism advertisement and often mislabeled as a lightning bolt. The performance and the celebration sent Bolt’s profile skyward.

Here's a Jamaica Tourist Board "To Di World" ad (meaning "to the world") from circa 2010 that incorporates Bolt into the campaign:

Feeling di vibe? Bolt to Jamaica!

Next up for Bolt is qualifying for the 200-meter on Tuesday.


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