Thinges Boe, Gasparin win biathlon World Cup sprints

Thinges Boe, Gasparin win biathlon World Cup sprints

Published Dec. 14, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

Junior world champion Johannes Thingnes Boe of Norway won the men's 10-kilometer sprint at a biathlon World Cup on Saturday for his first career win.

The 20-year-old Boe shot clean to finish in 22 minutes, 6.7 seconds, putting him 32.9 ahead of Ondrej Moravec of Czech Republic, who also shot clean. Frenchman Martin Fourcade had one penalty and finished 37.1 back in third place.

Early on, Fourcade shot clean in prone and took a solid lead before Thingnes Boe started to pressure him, shooting faster than the Frenchman in standing to take the lead.

Fourcade lost a ski pole as he headed to the penalty loop and drifted from second to third.


Dmitry Malyshko of Russia was fourth ahead of Simon Schempp of Germany as both shot clean.

In the women's 7.5K sprint, Switzerland's Selina Gasparin won for the second time in her career in 20:51.4.

Finland's Kaisa Makarainen finished second, 8.3 seconds behind for her first podium of the season, with Valj Semerenko of Ukraine 11.5 seconds back in third spot.

"I actually am more surprised than last week. The first time can be luck, the second one is more than that," Gasparin said.

Last week, she became the first Swiss biathlete to win a World Cup with her victory in a sprint at Hochfilzen, Austria.

"I had to spend a lot of time with the Swiss media; I even had to explain to some of them what biathlon was," she said. "That was a bit stressful, but now this week, none of them are here."

There are men's and women's pursuits on Sunday.