Weekend produces one the best races ever at Michigan

BY foxsports • June 13, 2016

Sunday brought us a great race, with great weather and a great crowd. Everything was good Sunday except for the fact we all knew what had happened in the early morning hours in Orlando, FLA. Our hearts just bleed for those families who lost loved ones or have loved ones still fighting for their lives after this senseless terrorist attack. It's just a tragedy of epic proportions.

I try never to get too deep into politics in my weekly columns, but it just seems like our government is working on a lot of things that when you boil it down don't mean a whole lot to our everyday lives. You don't have to look any further than right here in the State of North Carolina over the debate of what bathroom someone can or cannot use. It just seems to me that we have a lot bigger things we need to be working on like preventing another senseless tragedy like what happened in Orlando.