Watch Ken Roczen take Jeremy McGrath's classic Honda out for a ride

BY Samuel Reiman • January 14, 2017

Monster Energy Supercross rider Ken Roczen made a switch to Honda during the offseason, and the manufacturer had one or two things lined up for him following the move.

Paying tribute to Fox Racing’s motocross film “Terrafirma 2,” Roczen saddled up on Jeremy McGrath’s HRC prepped '96 CR250 at the Castillo Ranch in California for “Terrafirma 94: The Tribute.”

“It makes me want to ride,” said Roczen, speaking about the classic film, “and that’s something we want to try to bring back to everybody.”

While it was the first time Roczen had rode on a two-stroke in years, he quickly found himself comfortable on the motorcycle. Watch the GoPro clips below to see for yourself:

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