Silverstone boss causes stir by using expletive to describe F1

BY Adam Cooper • October 8, 2015

Patrick Allen, who is the managing director of the circuit, has the difficult job of running the race at a profit in the face of escalating sanctioning fees from Bernie Ecclestone.

“Fans don’t want to see a procession,” he told the UK's Independent newspaper. “As a promoter I can only promote what you give me and if that isn’t up to standard, people aren’t going to buy. Months and months back I said it to Mr. E himself that I can’t sell tickets for a s*** product.”

He added: “I’ve said that people don’t come to watch guys looking at data screens. Fans want to see gladiators racing and fighting it out in a fair fight. Nobody wants to hear drivers getting told to ‘lift,’ ‘coast’ or ‘we’re not going to catch the guy in front, settle for second.'

“I think it is criminal when we have got to that state of racing and that is not saleable. I think Bernie is as frustrated with it as we all are. How long is it before the technical director is stood on the top step, not the driver? You’ve just got to throw the towel in then and look for something else.”

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