Report: Driver fined for transporting giant stuffed bear on his Lambo

BY Samuel Reiman • November 17, 2015

An old children’s rhyme titled “We’re going on a bear hunt” describes the problems that arise when you go to capture a bear.

In this instance however, the driver wasn’t hindered by water or long grass or mud, but rather his own Lamborghini.

Attempting to find a way to take a giant stuffed bear home for his girlfriend using his Lamborghini, he found that he couldn’t put the bear under it, he couldn’t put it through it, so he had to put it over it.

Unfortunately with the bear loosely secured and blocking the rear windshield, the driver was pulled over by Tan Qiao, a celebrity police officer in China. A cameraman was also at the scene.

The Daily Mail reports that the driver had contacted his friends trying to find someone with a bigger vehicle that could transport it home for him, but it was in vain. Reports state that the driver was ultimately slapped with a fine.

The incident has gone viral on the Chinese social networking site, Sina Weibo, with additional photos available at CCTV News.

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