Here's the trailer for 'McLaren'

February 21, 2017

“McLaren” is a new film by Roger Donaldson that tells the story of Bruce McLaren.

McLaren, born in New Zealand in 1937, was 14 years old when he competed in his first hillclimb. Just six years later, he made his Formula One debut with a fifth-place finish at the 1958 German Grand Prix. One year later, he became the younger Formula One Grand Prix winner at the time when he won the 1959 United States Grand Prix at Sebring at the age of 22.

McLaren started up his own company in 1963, and gave his team its first F1 win at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix.

While McLaren died while testing his Can-Am car at Goodwood in England on June 2, 1970, his legacy lasts to this day, with his cars finishing sixth in the 2016 Formula One constructor standings and enjoying success in various sports car racing series across the globe.

“McLaren,” starring Dwayne Cameron as Bruce McLaren, is set to hit British cinemas soon, reports Guardian Sport.