Formula E: FanBoost for Beijing is open with even more ways to vote

BY Samuel Reiman • October 12, 2015

Season 2 of the FIA Formula E Series is just 12 days away, which means voting for the season-opener in Beijing is now open.

However, instead of having FanBoost close just prior to the race, votes will now be counted all the way until the sixth minute of the race, meaning that the drivers will only be able to use their boost in their second car. Fans will also be able to vote for their favorite driver on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or at the FIA Formula E Series FanBoost page.

Or, you can just vote here (scroll down in widget to view more drivers):

The drivers who receive FanBoost will now be able to control how their power is dispersed - they can use up to 200 extra kilowatts of power but for a shorter duration - or as little as 180 extra kilowatts of power but for a few extra moments.

Formula E commentator Jack Nicholls explains it all in more detail in this video:

A full guide to your favorite drivers' social accounts:

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