F1: Horner admits Red Bull running out of time for engine deal

November 2, 2015

Red Bull continues to search for an engine deal for 2016 as the weeks tick away to the start of next season.

The team has had talks with Honda, who agreed with the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone that they have to supply two teams in its second season. However, McLaren has a right of veto over any choice of team.

“At the moment we are right on the limit to be at the first test,” said team boss Christian Horner. “The team in Milton Keynes have demonstrated their ability to work to massively tight deadlines and I am sure we will be able to meet whatever targets we need to as long as we come to a decision in the next couple of weeks.

“We are working hard to find a solution and behind the scenes there is an awful lot going on to try to achieve that. Certain obstacles are being placed in our way, when the time is right we will sit down with all you guys to say what we are doing.


“We have a great team, we have worked really hard to build this team and I am determined that we will be here next year but we need to have a strong and bright future as well. This team is too strong to go. That has worked against us because the team is so strong.”

It looks increasingly likely that Red Bull's only option could be to stick with Renault, possibly doing a deal to use the engine without branding. However, Horner is still talking to Honda.

“Honda are very keen, but unfortunately they have a contractual status that is between them and McLaren, it is nothing to do with us. It is for them to decide among themselves what they want to do.

“I haven't spoken to anybody from McLaren other than Ron Dennis who is the one guy who has the right of say there. And his views were quite clear.”

He said Red Bull would not be involved in any legal challenge from the FIA or FOM regarding McLaren's veto.

“We will not get involved. Bernie and Jean Todt have made their positions clear regarding the situation, we rely on them to deal with that. That is a discussion between those two parties.”

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