F1: Hamilton surprised with Red Bull's threats to leave

BY Adam Cooper • October 9, 2015

Lewis Hamilton is puzzled that Red Bull has threatened to withdraw from Formula One after hitting difficult times.

Both Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso will be affected if Red Bull's Dietrich Mateschitz decides to pull his brand.

The defending world champion couldn't recall another team reacting in a similar manner when running so poorly.

"I think it will be a shame for the fans," Hamilton said.

"It seems really odd for me, having witnessed Red Bull's success, and then the moment that they don't have success, they've been upset about it. I've not seen that with any other team."

It will be a costly move if Mateschitz is serious about his current threats, as Red Bull will owe F1 $500 million for exiting the sport.

Hamilton even recalled watching as a young boy, but had no recollection of a team acting in such a manner.

"Growing up watching F1, I never noticed that when Ferrari lost the championship after having successes - I don't remember, maybe they did - but I didn't hear them complaining the next year," Hamilton said.

"Teams, you just have to keep pushing forwards. There's no reason for them to give up. They've got great drivers, they've got a great pedigree, they've had incredible success, they still have a pretty awesome car."

Hamilton expressed sympathy for the Red Bull Racing staff, as well.

"All those people that have a job, are you saying you are going to get rid of all those people through something that's not the biggest thing?" Hamilton said.

"They can still have success. They've just got to work hard at it."