Driver recovering in hospital after fire in Argentine motor race

BY Samuel Reiman • December 7, 2015

Mauro Giallombardo is currently being treated for first-degree burns after a fire during a motor race in Argentina last weekend.

Giallombardo had just started the sixth lap in the season-ending Top Race V6 event at the Autodromo Parque Ciudad when he ran off course and the interior of his Ford Mondeo caught fire. He was quickly able to unbuckle himself and bring the car to a halt. He then got out and performed a textbook stop, drop and roll but still suffered first-degree burns to his hands, legs and part of his face.

Looking at the interior of his car on Twitter, it’s not hard to see why:

Fortunately, Giallombardo was able to escape before any damage was done to his respiratory tract and he is expected to recover.

Video by TyC Sports

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