Tiger's round yields great fan moment

BY foxsports • August 2, 2013

Tiger Woods absolutely sizzled on the golf course Friday, flirting with a 59 before "settling" for a 61 and a seven-shot lead after two rounds at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

The round recalled the happier, simpler times for Tiger, when he trampled over other golfers like so many insignificant blades of fairway grass. It also gave us a great visual.

A birdie on the 12th hole put him 8-under for the day with six holes to play and had us all holding our breath for history. That birdie also gave us a riveting competition for greatest reaction of the day to a Tiger Woods birdie putt.

Here they are, the men and women of the gallery, young and old, watching in eager anticipation as the ball rolls toward the cup:

Excitement is building. Alas, still too early to crown a champion. Though the totally unimpressed guy in the neon Sun Drop shirt is certainly not in the running.

As the ball falls into the hole, the serious contenders begin to emerge:

Our leaders at this juncture are guy in yellow at front left, guy in yellow shirt behind Tiger, guy in blue and headphones in back, and our darkhorse challenger — woman with mouth agape next to unimpressed dude in Sun Drop shirt, admirably unaffected by his apathy.

As the reality of the made putt takes full hold, let's go to the photo finish:

Winner: Big guy in yellow shirt behind Tiger in a landslide! Kudos to you. Such a rousing moment that even Sun Drop shirt guy came around for a fist pump.

(Photos: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)