Squirrel bolts across Tiger's line

BY foxsports • August 4, 2013

Sports and squirrels have a long, glorious history together that goes back even before we had YouTube, if you can remember that long ago.

There was the Rally Squirrel in St. Louis during a Cardinals playoff game.

(That led, by the way, to a Skip Schumaker baseball card that featured the squirrel and barely featured Schumaker, about which he was none too happy.)

Then, there was the water skiing squirrel.

And, of course, Ray Lewis’ squirrel dance.

Now, add to the distinguished history the Squirrel Who Ran Across Tiger Woods’ Line. It happened on Sunday as Woods was cruising to victory in the Bridgestone Invitational.

What helps make us particularly bushy-tailed about this sporting squirrel, however, was how two of CBS’ commentators, David Feherty and Gary McCord, used its appearance to go on perhaps the longest squirrel discussion in the history of televised golf. Thanks to Deadspin, we have a transcript of their remarks. Some highlights:

Feherty: “There was an itinerant squirrel in Tiger's line. We had to have it forcibly removed. It turned on one of the marshals at one stage.”

McCord: “The rodent people couldn't contain the squirrel, half-crazed? I don't trust squirrels, David. Never did. … They're possessed by the devil, those squirrels. I'm telling you. He knows he's on television.”

(After Woods makes his par putt on the hole, the squirrel reappears just off the green.)

McCord: “Oh, no! Get him out of there, David.”

Feherty: “Psychotic!”

McCord: “Yes, he is. I'm telling you, they're possessed. I've done studies on them.”

Plus, they may be spying on us. Do McCord and Feherty knows about this?

H/T: Deadspin