Vols whiff on Kentucky hotels thanks to Breeders' Cup, hit Ohio instead

October 29, 2015

When you plan on traveling, you should always call in advance. Tennessee apparently had to learn that the hard way this weekend.

The Vols -- despite playing at Kentucky -- are being forced to stay in Ohio on Friday night ahead of the game, as every hotel near Lexington is booked solid, according to head coach Butch Jones. Why, you might ask, are no hotel rooms available around Lexington?

The 2015 Breeders' Cup horse racing event is this weekend in Lexington. And Kentuckians sure do love them some horse racing. 

Jones made the revelation about his team's traveling arrangements during his weekly radio show.


"There are no hotels available around Lexington, so [we] have to go all the way up to Cincinnati," Jones said. "I talked to (Cincinnati Bengals head coach) Marvin Lewis the other day, we are going to do a walk-through at the Bengals stadium. It will be neat for our kids because the Bengals will be around. Coach Lewis is a dear friend of mine; I'm appreciative of the Bengals organization for allowing us to come in and do a private walk-through."

Credit Tennessee for turning what could have been a disadvantage into possibly a competitive advantage, as the Vols will get to use an NFL facility to prepare before making the 82-mile trip south to Lexington.