Tom Brady is taking on a new role at the University of Michigan during his NFL suspension

BY foxsports • August 31, 2016

By now, you've probably heard that Tom Brady will not be playing in the New England Patriots' first four games of the season. You know, that whole "Deflate-gate" thing everyone spent the last two years talking about.

But on Wednesday we got the first indication of how Brady will fill his free time during that suspension. No, we're not talking about playing golf or random cameos on "Ballers." Instead, he'll serve as an honorary captain at Michigan's third game of the season, when the Wolverines host Colorado at the Big House.  

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh announced the decision on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday.

For both sides, this is a good look.

Starting with Michigan, it is just one more way to get one of the school's most prominent alums back into the fold, with the university which helped groom him into the star he is today. Obviously Brady doesn't have much time during the fall to be around the Michigan program (he's usually too busy leading the Patriots to Super Bowls and stuff during the fall months), but this suspension will give him the rare flexibility to do it. Brady has recently seemed to reconnect with the school since Harbaugh's return two years ago, appearing at the team's "Signing of the Stars" event last spring.  

It's also of course a boon for Michigan as well. After all, what better way to appeal to recruits who want to be the next Tom Brady, then by having the actual Brady on hand at the Big House? You have to assume that Jim Harbaugh will try and bring in several high-profile recruits that weekend.

As for Brady, well, this is just one way for him to pass the time during his suspension. As we learned earlier this week, not only is Brady not allowed to play football for the Patriots during his four-game ban, he's not allowed to be around the team at all.

Interestingly, Brady will be just one of several high-profile "honorary captains" to open the season for the Wolverines. Michael Jordan, who helped personally broker the Michigan deal with "Jump Man" will have the honor in Week 1. Later in the year Hank Aaron will serve as captain, after Jim Harbaugh met him on his satellite camp tour over the summer.