Podcast: Tony Barnhart talks SEC, old-school journalism on Outkick

BY foxsports • August 12, 2014

Clay Travis’ guest on the latest edition of “Outkick the Podcast” is Tony Barnhart.

The long-time Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports writer and TV/radio talent talks about his first big scoop, the wonder of the SEC gameday experience and takes us back to the glory days of sports journalism.

“Thank goodness the statute of limitations has run out on most of those trips,” he jokes of his time on the road covering the ACC with his fellow sports writers.

Today, he says, it’s a different game all together. “Social media changed everything,” he says, and the media landscape has evolved from filing stories over the phone line from the press box to having your post available to a worldwide audience instantly.

You’ll want to hear more of Barnhart’s stories, including what it was like covering the Georgia Bulldogs he grew up cheering for, why he claims that Atlanta is a true college football town and which story is perhaps the most difficult one he’s ever covered by listening to the podcast below. It's also available on iTunes. Enjoy.

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