Not awkward at all: Michigan's Harbaugh interviewed by Hoke

Not awkward at all: Michigan's Harbaugh interviewed by Hoke

Published Feb. 4, 2015 2:42 p.m. ET

Someone at CBS Sports must be a Buckeyes fan. There’s no other way to explain the painfully awkward moments former Michigan coaches have had to endure in recent years.

It happened Wednesday, when freshly fired Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke interviewed his replacement, Jim Harbaugh. And when CBS Sports brought in Hoke for an interview during his first year, it had former UM coach Rich Rodriguez do the honors.

The look on RichRod’s face speaks for itself.

Credit Hoke and Harbaugh for not making the moment too weird this time around. The two “Michigan Men” joked about how clean Hoke left the head coach’s office, and at one point, Hoke called Harbaugh “Jimmy.”


They even bonded over their shared recruiting class. Harbaugh jabbed Hoke for doing the heavy lifting on the class before the duo went into specifics — particularly on the kicker who could double as Michigan’s shortstop.

If Harbaugh’s tenure in Michigan doesn’t pan out, he’ll always have a spot in the media – someday interviewing  the guy who replaces him.

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