Mizzou coach Barry Odom comments on team gun policy

BY Lindsey Foltin • September 1, 2016

During a Wednesday teleconference with SEC coaches and media, first-year Missouri football coach Barry Odom responded to a question about the team's specific gun policies.

"We've got policies within our program and obviously within the university on a number of things, and handguns would be one of those policies," Odom said on the teleconference. "You've got to make sure with the rules, and you mentioned hunting and some things like that, but if there's a handgun issue, then we deal with it and not allow it in the program."

In regards to communicating his stances on handguns when he's recruiting players from various backgrounds, Odom said: "You talk about the culture on living the right way and the culture on being a college student-athlete and address it. I believe in being honest and upfront and making sure all the information is provided very, very clearly."

Mizzou's policy differs from other programs, some of which have a strict no-gun policy.

The original version of this story incorrectly reported that Odom prohibited members of the Tigers football team from legally owning handguns. The Tigers' policy relates only to the illegal possession of guns.