Lane Kiffin Gets Left By The Busses Again

Lane Kiffin Gets Left By The Busses Again

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 11:03 a.m. ET

Lane Kiffin got left by the Alabama team busses… AGAIN.

This is becoming a bit silly Lane. Obviously we might need to assign a buddy to Lane Kiffin to make sure he always finds the bus, I’m thinking Bo Scarbrough. You can’t possibly get left behind if you’re holding the hand of the massive Bo Scarbrough.

Yes it has happened again, ESPN is reporting that after the Alabama media days session at the Georgia Dome today Lane Kiffin missed the busses. The Kiffin is many things, but being punctual may not be one of them.

Kiffin’s remark on the situation was reportedly “Yep, I got left again.”


You may recall that this has happened before. Lane found himself without a ride after the National Championship game last year too.

Perhaps this is just a funny mishap, or maybe there’s something bigger going on.

Saban does like to keep the process rolling and if Alabama won a national championship last year and left Kiffin at a stadium last year maybe that’s now part of the process. Does Sarkisian have trouble finding busses too? We may have to start leaving Steve in stadiums after the Lanetrain departs for its new home at Florida Atlantic.

Maybe we should make new stickers and buttons that say “CATCH THE BUS LANE” or “RIDE THE DAMN BUS LANE” those would be big sellers I think.

Fired at an airport, left at a national championship, and now left behind on media days. Lane Kiffin is truly the Kevin McAlister of college football. I wonder if Lane has ever had a run in with the wet bandits?

Read more at ESPN.

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