Harbaugh suggests satellite camps are the American way

BY foxsports • June 17, 2015

Sick of hearing about satellite camps yet? Well, too bad. It's June (so there's not much else going on), they aren't quite all over yet (so news keeps coming out of them) and Jim Harbaugh has offered an answer to some of the criticism the practice has received. 

"In my America, you're allowed to cross the state borders," Harbaugh told USA Today. "That's the America I know."

By all indications, this is a factual statement. However, the SEC and ACC have rules against out-of-state camps, leading some coaches to cry foul. What's allowed for some should be allowed for all, they argue. 

Opponents' concerns Harbaugh would use his satellite tour to expand his recruiting base would seem to have merit as players from Indiana, Alabama, Florida and California all committed during or following tour stops since the beginning of June. 

But Harbaugh maintains the point was "sharing a love for football." 

(H/T USA Today)

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