Chris Webber says NCAA must change: It's slavery now

BY foxsports • August 18, 2015

Chris Webber believes the NCAA’s current way of doing things is akin to slavery.

When asked by TMZ about the NCAA’s decision to refuse Northwestern’s football players the right to unionize, Webber didn’t hold back.

“Oh, yeah, I saw that come out today," Webber said. "I definitely think student-athletes have the right to make sure they can take care of each other. You know, Bill Russell told me any system that gets free labor is slavery, so, um, I’m sure they have the right to unionize.”

As most are likely aware, college athletes don’t receive any financial assistance for everyday living. It’s well-documented that some student-athletes end up literally going without food at times because they cannot afford it.

It’s also no secret that the NCAA is a ridiculously lucrative financial empire, earning millions upon millions on the backs of these kids, who are going hungry without financial support.

Many have argued that the scholarships these student-athletes receive should be payment enough for their services. However, given the insane money being raked in by the schools via ticket sales, jersey sales and television income, things certainly need to change in this day and age.

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