Art Briles intends to terrorize people with 410-pound tight end

BY foxsports • March 4, 2015

The last time we saw Baylor's LaQuan McGowan, teammate Antwan Goodley was (sort of) attempting to lift him into the air. 

This is notable because McGowan, at 410 pounds, outweighs Goodley by almost 200 pounds. 

The 6-foot-7 McGowan caught a 19-yard touchdown pass in the Cotton Bowl, leading to the celebration with Goodley, but Baylor is hoping for an encore soon. McGowan is working at tight end and H-back for the Bears in spring practice. 

"We're looking at him as kind of a slot and tight end type of guy," Baylor coach Art Briles told reporters on Tuesday. "He can certainly help us in the run game in those situations. The way we're looking at it is we've got three games in nonconference to kind of feel it out and see what he can do and teach him what to do in live action."

Quarterback Seth Russell sounds like a fan of the move, too. 

"His hands are about as big as my leg, so I can pretty much put it wherever, and he can snag it out of the air," Russell said.

The first word of McGowan's bio on the Baylor website is still "enormous" and for fans of unorthodox touchdowns, the news is enormous, too. 

"The hardest thing is practicing with him, because we don't want to get anyone injured," Briles said. 

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