Aggie Fan's Message

Published Nov. 25, 2010 5:08 a.m. EST

Somewhere in College Station right now, a crazed longtime alumnus is drafting up this email to Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman.

Dear Coach,

First off let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I wasn't for sure if you would still be here this late in November?

Let me be honest Coach. After we needed 21 fourth quarter points to beat Florida International in September, I knew the team was in trouble. When we lost three straight games to start conference play, I was ready to start over again and help with your buyout. Even if it was roughly seven million dollars over the next four years.


I hope you understand and don't have any hard feelings? I mean, before this five game winning streak, your record was 13-18 in two and a half seasons. Not exactly numbers we have come to expect in College Station. We take great pride in our football program and school, even if our record in the Big 12 hasn't shown it in the past decade. Just ask your predecessor Dennis Franchoine. We got rid of him and he had a winning record.

Your hiring of defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter in the off-season was truly a home run. I don't think it showed it's full effects until this weekend's 9-6 win over Nebraska. I was leery switching to a 3-4 defense in a year that was considered “very important” for the future of the program. You two made it work! Let's hope no one steals him away from us after the year. I know he has always wanted to be a head coach.

Last but not least, it took some major you know whats to bench Big 12 Preseason Offensive Player of the Year Jerrod Johnson. I was shocked to hear you were sitting the senior, but I'm really glad you did. I love Jerrod and wish him nothing but the best, but we have something really special with Ryan Tannehill. I don't remember an Aggie quarterback that won his first four conference starts. Tell him to keep it up.

I just wanted to drop you this note and tell you congrats. It's been fun seeing us ranked inside the Top 20 and contending for the Big 12 South. I was pretty much ready to write off the season at one point.

By the way, another stellar season of recruiting. It looks like we are on the way to our fourth straight year with a Top 25 recruiting class. These young men will help us return this program to where it should be. One of national relevance.


A Loyal Texas A&M Fan

P.S. If you don't beat Texas this Thursday, we can't be friends anymore. there is the kicker. A reminder of how important the Lone Star Showdown is to Aggie fans.

It's not just about the wins and losses at A&M. It's how you stack up against the Longhorns. Can you beat them head-to-head? Can you out recruit them? Both of these are questions coaches of the past have had to deal with.

Mike Sherman is 0-2 against Texas. While Aggie fans are happy with the team's five game winning streak, No. 17 ranking, and 8-3 record, most of Sherman's progress will be forgotten if A&M loses to a free falling Texas team. The Longhorns at 5-6 are fighting to become bowl eligible, if you can call losing four of the last five fighting.

If Texas A&M wants to become a team of “national relevance” again, they win this game. You don't have to beat Texas every year. You don't even have to win half the time. But when the Longhorns are down, you stomp on them and brag about it to recruits.

With already eight wins this season, Sherman's job is safe. As long as the Aggies got bowl eligible again this year, the 3rd year head coach was going to get another chance in 2011.

Turning a college football program around doesn't happen overnight. Especially when a new offense and defense has to be implemented.

Through 36 games, Mike Sherman is finally showing Aggie fans he might just be the right man for the job.