9-year-old football player kicked off team for racist slur

October 26, 2017

LUDLOW, Mass. (AP) A 9-year-old player for a Massachusetts youth football program has been kicked off his team for using a racist slur against an opponent.

The slur was used by a player for the Ludlow Lions in a game against the Amherst Hurricanes on Sunday.

Stacia London, the mother of the Amherst player, tells Masslive.com that a Ludlow player called her 9-year-old son the N-word.

The remark was loud enough that game officials, other players, as well as parents and coaches along the sidelines heard it. The game was ended at that point.

The Ludlow program sent an apology letter to the Amherst program saying it was ''ashamed'' of what happened.

The Ludlow player has been removed from the team and will be barred from playing for the program next year, too.