Q&A: Sergio Martinez

Q&A: Sergio Martinez

Published Nov. 18, 2010 12:00 a.m. ET

Sergio Martinez defends his WBC middleweight title when he faces Paul Williams for the second time Saturday night in Atlantic City (on HBO). Martinez took some time out from his training to talk to FOXSports.com about how he plans to beat Williams this time.


FOXSports.com: How has training camp been?

Martinez: This probably has been the best training camp. I'm very happy right now with the camp, with our team. It couldn't be any better.


FOXSports.com: Obviously, you're fighting a guy, in Paul Williams, you've fought before. What can you bring to the table this time to make the outcome end up in your favor?

Martinez: I'm a better boxer today than I was last year. I've had a better training camp this time around than the last training camp. That's why I'm going to be better.

FOXSports.com: Does the fact that you lost such a close decision last time make you more determined and more dangerous this time?

Martinez: Yeah, absolutely. I have one more year of experience, and I've learned a lot and matured a lot. I'm going to make him pay for it.

FOXSports.com: What are the things you need to be most concerned about when fighting Williams?

Martinez: Not much. He is a great fighter. He is a world champion. There's nothing in particular about him. He's just a workhorse. It's going to be a great fight, but I'm going to be better.

FOXSports.com: What are your best skills as a fighter?

Martinez: My physical condition is probably my best attribute.

FOXSports.com: Are there certain things you learned about Paul last time you fought that you can use against him this time?

Martinez: There's nothing in particular. I've just matured mentally and physically since then, and that's really going to help me out on Nov. 20. I had a great performance against Kelly Pavlik and I'm going to have a better performance against Paul Williams this time around than I did against Pavlik.

FOXSports.com: Do you approach the fight with Williams different than the fight with Pavlik?

Martinez: It's definitely going to be a different fight. One's right-handed; one's left-handed. But what they have in common is they're both very tall. From that, I have more experience fighting a taller fighter. So that's the difference.