Q&A: Michael Katsidis

BY foxsports • April 7, 2011

Michael Katsidis follows up his tough loss to Juan Manuel Marquez with a lightweight battle against three-time champ Robert Guerrero. The fight is on the undercard of the Action Heroes card headlined by Erik Morales vs. Marcos Maidana on HBO PPV from Las Vegas (Saturday at 9 p.m. ET).

Katsidis spoke to FOXSports.com about how he's rebounded from the loss to Marquez and what he expects from Guerrero this weekend.

FOXSports.com: How did training go?

Michael Katsidis: It went really well. I've done everything I can with my preparation. It's a matter of feeling good for the fight now.

I got up at 5 a.m. and went for a bit of a run. I had a shadow box while I was out there. I'm just enjoying it and doing whatever I feel like at this point. When it comes fight night, it's going to be all instinct.

FOXSports.com: Where have you been training?

Katsidis: In Thailand, as usual. We've been using that for the last seven or eight years now. We get in top condition there.

FOXSports.com: Why do you train there?

Katsidis: We use Thailand because that's what we're used to. You sweat a lot there. It's very good for the weight. And it's a very simple lifestyle. You don't have many of the luxuries a lot of fighters would enjoy fighting in America. It's very tough, it's rugged and, of course, we've got plenty of sparring partners there. A lot of hungry fighters very keen to get in there and get some work.

FOXSports.com: You're coming off a loss to one of the all-time lightweight greats in Juan Manuel Marquez. How have you rebounded mentally for this fight?

Katsidis: To me, I thought that was a win, mentally, because I was fighting the best in the world. In a perfect world, I would have won the fight. I'm a very confident sort of a fighter and I work off the confidence. I learned a lot during the fight. Given the opportunity, I'd jump at it to face Marquez again.

FOXSports.com: That was a great fight. Do you feel there was something different you could have done to win that fight?

Katsidis: No. Look, I think I did everything right. I just didn't hit him hard enough (laughs). I think that was just about it.

If I was to do the fight again, I know I'd make a couple of little adjustments. It was a valuable fight experience. You can't learn stuff like that from a sparring partner. There was some very valuable stuff I learned in that fight.

FOXSports.com: Obviously, Robert Guerrero is no pushover. What do you have to be concerned about most from him?

Katsidis: He's no pushover. He's the hardest and the toughest guy out there I could find as soon as possible. I believe that's the most important thing coming off a loss. You need to jump on there. You don't need to have any tune-up fights. You need to get out there and fight the best straight away.

I can expect that Guerrero is going to come at me with everything. He's going to be very well-prepared. This fight is now being (tied) to two world title fights. It'll create an opportunity to unify. It's just a very good opportunity. It's a great fight. I can expect everything during this fight.

FOXSports.com: What do you think Guerrero does well as a fighter?

Katsidis: He does everything well, mate. He's strong and he boxes well, he moves well. He's the No. 1 guy out there. So I have to be at the top of my game to beat this guy. He's got it all.

FOXSports.com: And what should he be most concerned about from you?

Katsidis: I'm pretty sure that he would have watched my last fight over and over again on the tapes. I think he'll be prepared for an all-action bout. It's one of the things he would especially expect. In my last fight there was not one clinch in the whole fight. So I think he'll take that into mind and be in very good condition.

FOXSports.com: You have a very fan-pleasing style. How much of that is for entertainment's sake and how much of it is because that's how you win fights?

Katsidis: I think it's instinctive. I think fighting's instinctive. You need to react at the time. What happens in the fight, I have no idea that's the way it's going to roll. Whichever way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

FOXSports.com: Who are some fighters you'd like to face next, assuming you beat Guerrero?

Katsidis: I haven't looked that far. This fight is very soon after the Marquez fight. And he is the best guy out there. Of course, I have to put everything into the preparation for this fight. There are a lot of great fights out there at the moment. I'll fight Saturday against Guerrero and I won't look past him. He deserves that much respect.

FOXSports.com: What are fans going to see Saturday night?

Katsidis: I expect they're going to see the same fighter they saw just a short while ago against Marquez at the MGM. It's going to be a very exciting fight.

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