Mayweather dominates Marquez

BY foxsports • September 20, 2009's boxing/MMA editor Steve Bien-Aime blogged the round-by-round action of the bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night.

The fighters are about to enter the ring. Plenty of Marquez fans in the crowd tonight.

We'll see how much the weight difference means in a few moments.

Marquez appears very calm getting into the ring.

Mayweather walks to the ring with WWE superstar Triple H. Even in the biggest fight of his career, Mayweather has to show he's a pop star. The crowd doesn't appear to be on his side. Some boos can clearly be heard.

Loud "Marquez" chant breaks out.

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Round 1

Mayweather's speed is still there, sticking the jab and darting in and out. Marquez better get it going; if he keeps a slow pace and lets Mayweather get and out, it'll be 12-0.

Mayweather's left hook and jab are the story of the round. Marquez will have to work the body to slow Mayweather down.

Round 2

Marquez can't hit Mayweather. He does land a straight right, but it doesn't do a lot of damage.

Marquez down!! Mayweather's left hook floors Marquez midway through the round. He gets up and appears to be OK.

The pace is still Mayweather's and Marquez appears to have no answer for Mayweather's speed.

Marquez is busier, but Mayweather's the one who's landing.

Round 3

Mayweather is strafing Marquez with the jab in this round. Mayweather is now droping his hands, feeling pretty cocky.

Marquez, a great body puncher, has avoided a body attack so far.

Mayweather's pitching a shutout.

Round 4

Best round for Marquez and he probably still lost. He was able to land some effective rights to Mayweather.

However, Marquez still hasn't gone to the body and has no defense for the Mayweather jab.

Marquez's right eye looks to be suffering because of the jab.

Round 5

Mayweather's dominating with one hand. His lead jab and counter left hook are all he needs.

Even when Marquez gets him on the ropes, Mayweather gets away from minimal or no damage.

Marquez is starting to take more chances.

Round 6

Mayweather's opening it up now. Now, he's throwing lead rights in addition to the jabs.

Marquez is being countered quite easily and just isn't showing enough aggression when Mayweather is on the ropes.

Mayweather is pouring it on, finishing the round with Marquez on the ropes and landing big shots.

Round 7

More on the same, however Marquez does land an effective combination with Mayweather up against the ropes.

But, Mayweather rebounds and continues to strafe Marquez. I don't know how much the weight difference matters, but Marquez can't hurt or hit Mayweather.

It's getting sad to see Marquez be dominated like this.

Round 8

We're seeing Mayweather's full arsenal, including the taunts. Marquez, a great defensive fighter, has no answer for Mayweather's speed.

Toward the end of the round, Mayweather was laying on the ropes and inviting Marquez to try and hit him.

Round 9

Marquez looks spent. Mayweather is finally throwing (and what a shock) landing combinations.

Marquez is trying to battle back, showing his heart. He's got nothing on this night.

Round 10

If Marquez makes it to the end, it'll be a great testament to Marquez. Mayweather is landing all his power shots.

Marquez is breathing heavily and the pro-Marquez crowd is quiet. Marquez is still working though.

Round 11

Marquez's face shows why Mayweather's great. There's just nothing else to say.

The only negative: Mayweather is landing power shots and can't get Marquez out of there.

Round 12

A "USA" chant now breaks out. Mayweather is dialing back in this round. Marquez lands a little (and I do mean a little), but he can't hurt Mayweather.

Mayweather lands some power shots and Marquez guts it out.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins by unanimous decision.

(The blog began a little before Mayweather and Marquez fought).

The main bout is still awhile off as Chris John defends his WBA featherweight title against Rocky Juarez. The two fought an entertaining draw in February.

This fight is more technical and that appears to be in John's advantage as we have him up four rounds to two.

We pick up the action in the seventh round.

Round 7

It's more of the same as John throws in combination and his defense is blunting any of Juarez's offense. John is the superior boxer and it shows with his movement, even though he's not hurting Juarez.

Juarez must make this a brawl to have a shot.

Round 8

John is landing all the clean punches, rocking Juarez's head a couple times. But, he's not causing big damage. A solid technical fight, but the crowd is not into this.

Juarez isn't letting his hands go and he seems a step slow.

Round 9

Does Juarez know he's losing? He just isn't finding the next gear. He's needs to quickly rough John up for any shot to win.

John looks so comfortable, he appears to be sparring. Man, this is such a departure from their February bout.

Round 10

John has learned to tie up Juarez and use the jab. Superior head movement and footwork are winning out as this is a rout.

Juarez can't land more than one punch at a time and that's a supreme problem.

Round 11

All right, with John slowing down, Juarez lands some authoratative blows. But, it's seemingly too little, too late.

John then decided to move a bit and land a combination late to try to steal the round. However, we'll give it to Juarez.

Round 12

Almost a fantastic finish. John looked like he was tiring in the 11th and he was rocked in the second half of the 12th, staggered by a left hook.

Juarez tried to pour on it, landing a solid uppercut that almost dropped John. John barely hung on.

John wins by unanimous decision.

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