Mayweather beats Mosley

Mayweather beats Mosley

Published May. 1, 2010 1:00 a.m. ET

Recap the Floyd Mayweather-Shane Mosley showdown with our blog.  Mayweather won by unanimous decision.

Mosley enters the ring first. He looks very relaxed and cracks a little smile. He slaps hands with fans too.

Floyd comes out to the O'Jays.  He looks serious.

Michael Buffer finishes the introductions. It feels like we're in for a big fight.

Round 1

It was a feeling out round for both men.  Mosley tried to establish the jab, but couldn't find the range so far. Mayweather landed the more authoratative punches in the round and landed some crisp combinations. But, it was a very tenative start.

Round 2

It was a different story early into the round. Mosley landed a clean big right hand that hurt Mayweather. Mosley pressed the action and really got to Mayweather. Mayweather rallied toward the end of the round, but it was Mosley's round.

Round 3

Mayweather regained control in the round. Mosley could barely touch him. Mayweather was finally able to use his speed and land some quality shots. It's going to be a fight of adjustments.

Round 4

Mayweather's speed is becoming the dominant theme so far. Mosley is not letting his hands go and Mayweather is starting to take control. Mosley's going to have to take some chances or at least use his jab more frequently to stay in this fight.

Round 5

Mosley did a little better in this round, but he needs to get busy. The pace is Mayweather's and right now the crowd, which was chanting "Mosley" in Round 2 is quiet. Mayweather is relaxed and seems to be in control.

Round 6

Mayweather's countering and speed are baffling Mosley. Mayweather is landing clean, hard shots to Mosley's head, including three around the 1-minute mark. Mosley needs to do something to disrupt Mayweather's rhythm.

Round 7

Who would have thought that Mayweather would be forcing Mosley to fight going backward? Mayweather is landing some hard shots and is moving Mosley back. Any action in the center of the ring is all Mayweather.

Round 8

It's getting nasty now. Early in the round, they got tied up and it appeared that Mosley tried to throw Mayweather down. Mayweather didn't like it and when they were told to touch gloves, Mayweather did and then touched Mosley's face. Mayweather hurt Mosley with some quality shots after talking some trash and laughing at Mosley.

Round 9

Round was pretty uneventful until a late flurry by Mayweather. Mosley looks to be a defeated man at this point.

Round 10

Mayweather is having fun with him. He's making Mosley look silly, landing blows with no response. Mosley, a prolific finisher, looks tired as well.

Round 11

It looks like we're going the distance. Mayweather looks content to pile up the points and take a decision win. Mayweather appears to have taken Mosley's heart — something that has never been done before.

Round 12

Mosley shows his courage in this round, giving it everything he's got. He landed some good lefts to the body — where were they nine rounds ago? Mosley pins Mayweather against the ropes, not landing much, but being aggressive. However, Mayweather was too much for him — even in the final round it seems.