Footage surfaces of horrific gunfire attack at Ireland boxing event

BY Damon Martin • February 5, 2016

At least one person is dead after a shooter opened fire with an AK-47 at a boxing weigh-in in Ireland on Friday.

According to several news reports, a gunman dressed in police garb burst into the weigh-ins for an event called "Clash of the Clans" at the Regency Hotel in Dublin around 2:30 p.m. local time.

Following the horrifying event, video surfaced of the weigh-ins as gunshots are heard ringing out and a panicked crowd screaming out in terror while fleeing to safety.

Reports state that one man died and at least two more were injured when the gunmen came into the weigh-ins and opened fire on the crowd before people throughout the hotel were evacuated during the attack.

Witnesses told the Irish Mirror that onlookers and people attending the weigh-ins believed it was a terrorist attack unfolding as gun shots rang out.

The fighters who just hit the scale for the weigh-ins can be seen fleeing in the video as the shots are fired and the crowd disperses from the room.

Irish police are on the seen and investigating the matter with more information expected to be released on the shooting in the coming hours.