Goldberg busted his head open headbutting a door on WWE Raw

BY Nick Schwartz • January 24, 2017

WWE legend Goldberg has one of the most intense entrances in professional wrestling. In his WCW days, Goldberg would often be escorted to the ring by a squad of police officers, only after he headbutted his dressing room door and nearly ripped it off the hinges.

On Monday night's episode of Raw, with just a few days left until the Royal Rumble, Goldberg closed the show by coming to the ring and declaring that he's going to win the Universal Championship. There was one slight problem, though: Goldberg gashed his head when he headbutted the door, and blood started streaming down his face as he talked.

The very end of the show took a dramatic turn when Paul Heyman interrupted and brought out Brock Lesnar, who stared down Goldberg in the middle of the ring... only for The Undertaker's music to hit.

After Raw, a total of 21 stars have entered the Rumble, including The Big Show, Rusev and Big Cass on Monday.

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