Fan creates stunning WWE promo for potential AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega match

BY Nick Schwartz • April 17, 2017

From the brilliant channel (Gts Edit Wrestling) that brought you the Shawn Michaels-AJ Styles Royal Rumble dream match promo a few months ago, here is an incredible promo for a potential WrestleMania headliner next year in New Orleans: AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega.

Styles and Omega - the man who recently had a fabled six-star Wrestle Kingdom match against Kazuchika Okada - never got to face off in New Japan as they were both part of the Bullet Club faction. Omega did hit his One-Winged Angel finisher on Styles, though, as he was removed from the Bullet Club just before jumping over to WWE.

Omega opened up on being in the shadow of Styles during an appearance on Chris Jericho's podcast.

Via Sportskeeda:

“There was a time when I was in New Japan, especially when AJ was there, and I was sort of delegated to be, 'you're the cruiser guy, AJ's our heavyweight guy. We know you can wrestle with the heavyweights, we all know that’, but, he says, 'guess what. AJ's here, so AJ's going to be that guy and you're going to be that guy'. So I said, 'okay, completely fine’. I think AJ's one of the greatest of all time, so I had no qualms about kind of being second banana to him even though I wanted to be first banana.”

"The main reason why I would go to WWE is because I would love to have a match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania. If I’m being truthful, before AJ hangs it up, and before I start to degenerate as an athlete, I really want to have a big match with him on the biggest stage possible, so that is a career goal of mine."