Azarenka has cameo in Redfoo video

BY foxsports • October 21, 2013

Redfoo's debut solo album is coming soon. For those of you who can't wait another second, you at least have this video of the single "Let's Get Ridiculous" to tide you over.

We present it for you here because look who it is making a cameo! Victoria Azarenka, girlfriend of Redfoo and pretty good tennis player.

Of all the possible cameos in this tour-de-force of a music video, she gets the best one, posing as a sexy flight attendant and helping our anti-hero break out of his shackles and parachute from an airplane. Just another day in the life of Redfoo.

For those who don't want to sit through the two-minute intro that attempts to paint Redfoo as a hardened menace to society, skip ahead to the 2:07 mark for Vika's pop-in.

Check it out here:

Azarenka apparently wanted no part of it at first, she told reporters this week, and was originally offered a very different role.

"I didn’t want to be in that video, to be honest," she said. "[He was] just trying to sneak me into every scene there was. I was supposed to be a mermaid, but I said, 'You are out of your mind. I’m not swimming in the water. It’s cold.'"

Good choice on nefarious flight attendant. Kudos for the inclusion. Redfoo — a pretty good tennis player himself — looks much more in his element here than at the All-England Club.

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