Watch a bunch of soccer gear get destroyed by a hydraulic press

Watch a bunch of soccer gear get destroyed by a hydraulic press

Published Jun. 10, 2016 4:53 p.m. ET

You see all that soccer gear up there? Well, say goodbye to it. It's about to feel the wrath of Lauri Vuohensilta's hydraulic press and get crushed to smithereens.

If you find yourself asking: "Why is this a thing?" you're probably not alone, but you're certainly in the minority. Vuohensilta has been using his hydraulic press to crush all sorts of things on YouTube since Oct. 6 2015, under the "Hydraulic Press Channel."

He's racked up well over a million subscribers and 105 million video views in his short time on YouTube, releasing a new video each week. This week's featured soccer stuff (or football, as Vuohensilta insists), which is apropos considering Copa America and Euro 2016 are underway.

The cleats are remarkably resilient, but eventually the press finds a way through on the third pass. The real highlight comes when the ball meets its demise. Probably not the smartest idea to be kicking a ball around heavy machinery in a workshop, but we're sure they're all trained professionals.


And if you didn't stick around for the bonus content at the end of the video, give it another watch. It's worth it.