This team protested a penalty call by quitting and letting the other team score 3 times

February 19, 2017

Ho Chi Minh City and Long An were tied 2-2 late in their Vietnamese league match when the referee awarded Ho Chi Minh City a penalty kick. Long An, predictably weren't happy with the referee, but their response was ... extreme.

Upset with the call, Long An decided to protest it by refusing to play on.

Their goalkeeper refused to try stopping the penalty and when they wouldn't take the ensuing kickoff, the ref gave it to Ho Chi Minh City, who dribbled the length of the field without a Long An player trying to stop it. And then the same thing happened again.

That is absolutely wild.

A 2-2 game became 5-2 because of a penalty call and Long An decided to completely quit on the game. Or protest it. Or both.