The Club America coach walked out on the field and stole the ball from an opposing player

February 19, 2017

Ricardo La Volpe is ... eccentric. And after decades of managing, we figured we'd seen all of his antics, but he took it to another level on Saturday night.

With his Club America side trailing Chivas de Guadalajara, 1-0, in the Clasico Nacional, La Volpe sauntered out onto the field and tackled the ball away from a Chivas player. All while the game is going on.

That wasn't after a whistle where he's trying to get the ball back to his players for a free kick or anything of the sort. That would still be wrong, but the ball was live. That's some next level stuff.

Unsurprisingly, La Volpe was sent off for this and it may be the last time we see him as Club America manager. If so, it won't be so much for this as it will be the team's poor form and losing to rivals Chivas, but this would be a hell of a way to leave a club. Imagine if the last thing La Volpe did at America is walking onto the field and tripping an opposing player? It's very much possible.