Play-off would be unfair - Moyes

Play-off would be unfair - Moyes

Published Feb. 16, 2010 9:42 a.m. ET

Everton could benefit from the introduction of a play-off for the fourth Champions League spot but David Moyes does not think it would be fair.

The Premier League are looking into the possibility of bringing in a play-off which could mean the teams finishing in the positions fourth to seventh playing a mini-knockout competition.

Currently the teams finishing in the top four positions are handed entry to Europe's elite competition, either in the main draw or at the qualifying stage.

Everton are regular finishers in the top seven and could benefit from such a play-off, but Moyes has his doubts over whether the system is fair.

"It might be quite exciting," he said. "But you should be judged on where you are at the end of 38 games.

"If you finish fourth, you would be saying that you are the team who have done this over the season and asking why you are going into a play-off. But then the teams in fifth, sixth and seventh would be quite enjoying it.

"They are doing it to make money more evenly spread, to give someone else a chance of getting it. The Champions League offers money which, compared to that which we get, can change your world.

"The reason that it's the same four teams in the Champions League is because they are there every season.

"Still, though, I am not sure if it is right that you work the whole season, finish seventh and that might get you in the Champions League."