Ollie offended by Premier League

Ollie offended by Premier League

Published May. 18, 2011 4:39 p.m. ET

Ian Holloway believes the Premier League would be glad to see the back of Blackpool if they lose their fight for survival on Sunday.

Holloway is furious at claims Manchester United could get fined if Sir Alex Ferguson fields an understrength team and Blackpool secure top-flight survival by becoming the first team this season to win at Old Trafford.

Not only does Holloway feel it undermines his own team, he is also indignant at the suggestion Ferguson is not bothered about finishing the Premier League season on a high note.

And he is coming to the view that the game's authorities do not want him around.


"They will be relieved if we lose and get relegated," said Holloway. "Then I am not badgering them.

"I am so annoyed. Sir Alex Ferguson is a winner. He would never dream of not being interested in winning any match.

"That man deserves to pick whatever team he wants to pick. No one should question it.

"Look at his record. Those people running the game, what planet are they on? They must have beamed down from Planet Zarf. They are not in the right world.

"They think we can only beat Manchester United if they are weak. What a load of baloney. Unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with."

Holloway added: "Already, they are saying Blackpool can't beat them. I am glad I don't go to work thinking that, otherwise I would never have got promoted last year.

"I would have been relegated from the Championship because that is what everyone said was going to happen.

"That attitude offends me. It upsets me on a personal note about my club and definitely on a Manchester United note. How dare they talk about Sir Alex like that? Haven't they seen his hairdryer? Haven't they seen how successful he is.

"Ask Schalke if they think Manchester United have a weak team.

"On Sunday, we have to try and do the impossible. It's got to be perfect. No one else has beaten them. And if we do, they might get fined because we are rubbish."

If Holloway has not had enough to contend with this week trying to get his head round a situation where Blackpool could win and go down on Sunday, or lose and stay up, there have also been contracts to sort out.

Due to the nature of the deals Blackpool got their players to sign last summer, most required formal notification by this weekend about whether they were staying at Bloomfield Road or not.

Ian Evatt and Keith Southern have already been given new contracts, Brett Ormerod is still negotiating his, whilst Stephen Crainey, Matthew Gilks and David Vaughan have rejected the initial offers.

"There has been no leeway," said Holloway.

"My chairman has done the bare minimum at this moment. If we stay up, they will have a chance to negotiate better terms.

"It is slightly demotivating. I guess this weekend will see if I am any good as a motivator."