NKoreans watch Brazil match, 17 hours later

Published Jun. 16, 2010 3:05 p.m. ET

North Koreans finally got a glimpse of their football team against Brazil Wednesday, 17 hours after the World Cup match kicked off in South Africa.

The game took place in the middle of the night North Korea time, but state-run Korean Central Broadcasting aired the match Wednesday evening. The communist nation's sole TV channel typically does not broadcast overnight or during the day.

Footage from broadcaster APTN showed Pyongyang residents cheering as they watched Ji Yun Nam score a late goal.

``Our team lost, but Brazil is a very strong team. Some people think they might win the World Cup, and we lost only 2-1, so I think they did very well,'' football coach Pak Won Uk told APTN at Kim Il Sung Stadium.