Newcastle's John Carver thinks he's the best Premier League manager

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 3:31 p.m. ET

Apparently there is a greater coach than the "Special One," Jose Mourinho. Ladies and gentlemen, he is Newcastle's John Carver.

This man is a rock. Newcastle have won 9 points out of a possible 48 points and have lost 8 straight games. Thanks to their uninspiring form, the Magpies are in serious danger of relegation. 

Despite all of this, Carver remains unfazed and said the following during his press conference on Thursday.


"I still feel I'm the best coach in the Premier League. I still feel I'm the best coach around. I haven't lost my self-belief, the day I lose my belief is the day I'll do something totally different. I'll walk away from football or retire. I'd be wasting my time if I lost that."




Well, he may not have lost his self-belief, but it appears that he has lost his mind. Does he think that he can still win the title with three games left? How do we make sense his quixotic conduct? Does he think that he is a knight errant?

John Carver, we dub thee "The Greater than the Special one" or "The Real Special One."