Liga MX club confirms that pitch-invading pooch has been adopted

BY Alex Dowd • January 17, 2017

A canine pitch invader's foray onto the field has a happy ending. Over the weekend, a dog interrupted Pachuca's match again Chiapas in a Liga MX tilt. While it all made for good fun and delightful video, the story doesn't end there.

Mexican dog rescue group Echame El Perro hit up Pachuca on Twitter to ask about the bold dog. In a back-and-forth exchange, we've found out the tale has a happy ending. It turns out that before the dog even made his run onto the pitch, a woman had offered to take care of him. Furthermore, Pachuca did the right thing and suggested that anyone inquiring about adopting the dog should turn their attention to the long list of other animals that need a home.

The pooch wasn't the only member of the animal kingdom to take a bow at the Estadio Hidalgo. A cat also joined in on the fun, and the club provided an update on that front, too. The team said they haven't seen the cat in a little while, but are confident it's safe and has taken up residence in the stadium.

Pachuca's next match at home will take place on Jan. 28. Hopefully, Los Tuzos have some extra leashes on hand.

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