Irish fans are now fixing dented cars in the streets of France

BY foxsports • June 22, 2016

You might be tired of hearing or reading about how awesome the Republic of Ireland fans have been at Euro 2016, but we're not. The nation's faithful have sung a lullaby to a baby on a train, serenaded a French woman, and made a random man feel like a king. They've even cleaned up after themselves! So, you get the idea.

Their latest antics involve rudimentary bodywork on a car, some cash, and of course ... singing. According to The Independent, after an overzealous fan hopped on a roof of a car in Lille, his countrymen acted quickly to remedy the situation.

Fans tried slipping money in through the window, and then somehow they got the genius idea to start carefully pounding around the dent to pop it out --€“ All while singing, of course. They aimed to "fix the car for the boys in green," and it was a success! Imagine being that car owner: Eventually coming back to your conceivably undamaged car and finding money scattered around your seats.

The Republic of Ireland would advance with a win against Italy on Wednesday --€“ who already have their date with Spain booked in the round of 16. (Of course, there are other scenarios in which Ireland can advance, but it's all quite confusing.) Either way, it's tough to root against them, if only because if they leave ... so do their fans.

And if you need further proof why nobody wants that: Here's a bonus video with a fan dressed in a horse mask punting a ball into a window while his compatriots chant, "Horse! Horse! Horse!"

These guys are the best.


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