Enzo Zidane channeled his dad to pull off a crafty no-look assist

BY Aaron West • January 24, 2017

All four of Zinedine Zidane's sons are in Real Madrid's academy system, and from what we've seen of them so far, it's not just a case of nepotism. These boys can play.

Zizou's oldest, Enzo, has five goals for Real Madrid Castilla (basically Madrid's 'B' team) this season, but he's clearly got his old man's eye for a pass too, pulling off this perfectly weighted through ball to provide an assist for teammate Victor Campuzano.

It's beautiful. His head's up, he cuts into the middle of the pitch, makes space for himself, and threads the needle JUST like his dad.

I mean come on. We're (kinda) trying to let this kid live his own life and have his own career, but when he keeps doing Zidane-esque things, it's hard not to compare him to his dad.

We're sorry, man. Maybe you should have played another sport.

Oh, and did we mention, Zizou's younger son Luca pulled off a sick double save in the same match? It's just getting ridiculous at this point.



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