De Gea denies trying to steal donut

BY foxsports • October 4, 2011

Sticky-fingered Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea denied trying to steal a donut from a UK supermarket - and said he was baffled by the uproar, The Sun reported Tuesday.

United's new Spanish star claimed that he intended to pay for the Krispy Kreme treat but wandered out of the Tesco store when he realized he had left his wallet in the car.

De Gea, 20, said: "Nothing really happened. Me, my cousin and a friend from Spain went to the shop. We were hungry and took the donuts. We were going to buy more things. I realized I didn't have my wallet, so I went out to the car to get it. Nothing more."

The Sun reported Friday that United's £18 million ($27.8 million) signing from Atletico Madrid was tackled by security as he headed for the exit after CCTV filmed him devouring the £1.19 donut while standing in an aisle.

De Gea, thought to earn £70,000 a week, was allowed to leave after security at Tesco in Altrincham, northwestern England, gave him a dressing down.

But the keeper claimed that it was all a huge misunderstanding.

He said: "They thought that I was leaving without paying, so I tried to explain to them, but my English is still not very good, and we were there for a while. In the end, a Spanish girl arrived, and we understood each other, and in the end, they ended up apologizing to us."

He added: "They made a big thing out of nothing, but I took the whole thing as something funny."

De Gea was left out of Saturday's United side that beat Norwich in the English Premier League. The goalie insisted that he was not dropped by boss Sir Alex Ferguson over the donut incident.

He said: "Absolutely not true. Yes, people were joking about it in the club, but it was his decision to rest me. They're not going to drop me for a donut. The manager is the one who decides. He rotates the players a lot, and when he thinks it's the right thing to do, he leaves you on the bench."

De Gea added: "A few of my teammates gave me a few donuts as a joke. But I took it in good humor and thought the whole thing was funny."

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