Caretaker Kean on Rovers job

Published Dec. 17, 2010 6:16 p.m. ET

A succession of leading football figures have spoken out against Allardyce's shock dismissal on Monday, with the approach of new owners Venky's being heavily criticised amid rumours of interest in appointing Diego Maradona and confirmation of a fifth place finish as an unlikely target for Rovers this term. Kean must somehow steady the ship and put a team on the pitch that can secure victory against West Ham on Saturday. And that would be the perfect way for Kean to launch his own bid for the manager's chair. "I would be delighted to have the job," said the Scot. "If I do a good job, perhaps I will come into consideration. "It is an exciting time for the club. They seem to have very big plans and if I can be part of that, I will be delighted. "Hopefully it will be in a position that suits the bit I am good at, which is being out on the training ground, developing players and building teams. If that is the manager's job, great. "If it is in another capacity, then it is something I would enjoy doing for the club." Kean confirmed he has spoken regularly with Allardyce since the decision to dispense with his services was made. Their latest conversation was as recently as this morning, with Kean's former boss offering his unqualified support. "Sam has been very supportive. I have worked with him for the past 18 months and I have also worked really closely with Neil McDonald, who is a fantastic coach. "You have to respect people that brought you to the club. Sam brought me here and showed a lot of confidence in me. "He gave me my job and gave me a lot of say in what goes on at the club. I will always be grateful for that." Such is the nature of football that Kean now has a chance to profit from Allardyce's misfortune. "It is never good when someone in our line of work loses their job," he reflected. "I have had it on both sides. I walked in at Fulham when Jean Tigana lost his job and I had to pick up the reigns. "Then I was sacked and had to walk out and someone else came in. That is the nature of the job."