Cap's £8m City deal refuted

Published Dec. 17, 2010 7:15 a.m. ET

Rumours had circulated that the England manager had agreed an £8million-a-year contract with City to succeed Roberto Mancini. And reports coming out of Italy suggested the 64-year-old would replace under-pressure Inter boss Rafa Benitez. However, Capello's son and manager, Pierfilippo, insists the suggestions are nonsense and promptly scotched the conjecture. "I honestly don't believe he would sign an agreement with anyone without asking me about it," Pierfilippo told The Sun. "I will be really honest and open with you. I know nothing about my father joining a club in Italy, in England or anywhere else and I speak with Fabio every day. "And I do not believe he has agreed any secret deal with any club. He is not the kind of man who would make an agreement like that. If anything was happening, I would know. "But I have not had a single call or any contact with whatsoever with anyone. And if someone had contacted my father then he would call me." Capello is currently contracted to his Three Lions hot seat until 2012, where his £6million-a-year deal will expire. The Italian had come under fire for his team's lacklustre performance in the World Cup in South Africa over summer. But he clung onto his job, and his representative says his father is happy to continue managing England. If that wasn't the case, he would immediately contact Pierfilippo to find an exit strategy. He added: "If he was interested he would ask me to make contact with the FA and find out if he could leave right away, at the end of the season, in the next six months or in a year. "That's the first thing he would do - and he has not done that yet. He would call me and say 'I have been called by say the New York Red Bulls and they are offering me £50million a year, how can I make that happen. "Can you call the FA and see if I can terminate my contract, and see if they will agree to that?' But that's just fantasy. The truth is he has a contract with the FA until 2012." Capello's agent wouldn't be drawn on his future after 2012 and instead insisted the former Real Madrid chief is likely to remain where he is. Asked about his dad's future, Pierfilippo said: "That's a question I can't answer, that's a question for the future, that's a question for 2012. "But I can tell you the smart money is on my father going nowhere."