Black Cats star: I'll be back

BY foxsports • May 30, 2011

The 23-year-old suffered a second cruciate ligament problem at the start of April having just returned from seven months out with a similar injury - and will spend much of next season recovering. The ex-Manchester United man said: "It's been a few weeks since the operation. I'm back at the start now like last time and I have to work hard to get my knee back to how it was. "There's a million different ways to do rehab. The staff here are great and are switching things up to keep me sane. "Some days we're on the (Nintendo) Wii and other days we're in the pool, just keeping it fresh so I don't get bored or downhearted. "The biggest part of rehab is always in your head - obviously coming back and having to do it all a second time is going to play on my mind but hopefully I can stay strong. "At the moment I've not set any targets. I've still got the leg brace on which will come off next week, so after that I'll start back on the bike."

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