Arsene Wenger pushes fourth official after being sent off in Arsenal win

BY Ryan Rosenblatt • January 22, 2017

Arsene Wenger is almost assuredly going to find himself the subject of an FA probe after pushing the fourth official during Arsenal's 2-1 win over Burnley on Sunday.

Wenger was upset with referee Jonathan Moss late in the match and drew the ire of the man with the whistle. Moss walked over to the sideline and ordered Wenger to leave the pitch, sending him down the tunnel. But when he got in the tunnel, he tried to peek out and continue watching the match. The fourth official stood in front of him and instructed him to continue down the tunnel, which is when Wenger pushed the fourth official.

Nobody, be it players or managers, can put their hands on a referee so Wenger will almost certainly be punished for his actions. The question is whether his punishment is simply a reprimand and fine, or if he will be suspended for his action.

Arsenal were the only one of Chelsea's title challengers to win over the weekend, even if they did so controversially, but that won't take the scrutiny off of them. That's because Wenger is going to be in the news this week as the FA decides how to punish the manager's shove.