Agger: Torres blame game unfair

BY foxsports • February 11, 2011

Daniel Agger believes it is unfair to make Fernando Torres the scapegoat for Liverpool's poor form during the first half of the season.

But he has confidence in Andy Carroll to make an impact as his replacement when fit to start playing after his £35million switch from Newcastle.

The Danish international said: "Why has Torres been so poor? That is a big question isn't it? How to explain that.

"But look at the team. We played awful and he is a part of the team so, when everything is playing well, normally he plays a lot better.

"It is the same for everybody, for me, for Stevie (Gerrard), it is the same.

"When the team are performing, when you look at every single player, they are playing better.

"But when we are losing, when everybody is on top of us, everybody is playing bad."

Agger does concede that all big name players have to show more responsibility when a team is struggling.

He said: "That is how it should be. Even here with Denmark there are some players who have to take bigger responsibility.

"It is the same in all walks of life. That is how things are. It is the same in football. We are not that difference."

He said: "It is a big, big gap (Torres) for Andy Carroll to fill but he has shown he can score goals at the top level.

"We will have to wait until he is fit but hopefully Andy and Luis will be great signings for us because that will be another thing which will help us towards our targets."

Agger believes he is close to full sharpness now after putting injury problems behind him.

He said: "I had injuries. I have played a few games in a row now and have started getting the feeling back of playing football.

"I have been in England now for five years and I know it is a tough, demanding game.

"I think I am the first to say how annoying it is to be injured but it is a part of me so I have to adapt to that and have to give everything when I am fit."

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