What's next on Jerry's offseason changes?

What's next on Jerry's offseason changes?

Published Jan. 9, 2013 3:08 p.m. ET

The Wrath of Jerry continues at Valley Ranch. Staffers have been diving under their desks as the Cowboys owner makes his way around the building.

I'm not even sure Jerry Jr. is safe at this point, especially since he forgot to pay the Internet bill a couple years ago. This is apparently what billionaires do after turning 70. Jerry Jones said he felt the clock ticking more than ever this past offseason , and he talked about having a huge sense of urgency.

And in the aftermath of yet another failed season, he has turned into a man of action. Running backs coach Skip Peete's dismissal was the first sign of the changing times, but it was the sacking of Rob Ryan that raised eyebrows across the league. Jerry and his sidekick (for now) Jason Garrett could've given Ryan the valid excuse of missing five starters and a nickel cornerback. But they instead sent the brashest assistant coach in the league packing.

The new defensive coordinator will likely have some input when it comes to hiring assistants, so the current position coaches are in limbo at Valley Ranch. It's widely believed the Cowboys will return to a 4-3 scheme for the first time since 2003. Bill Parcells transitioned to a 3-4 in his second year (2004), and the Cowboys have stayed in that scheme ever since. It will be interesting to see how outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer function in that scheme. But first things first, the Cowboys need to identify and hire the best defensive coordinator available. Surely they have a short list ready to go. And right now it's hard to tell whether Jerry or Jason will be making that hire. In my mind, it's Jerry who has set the angry tone this offseason. It's hard for me to imagine Jason telling Jerry that it was time for Skip Peete to go. But I guess that would've been easier for Jason to do than informing Jerry that passing-game coordinator/tight ends coach John Garrett needed to go. With what Martellus Bennett accomplished for the Giants this season, John has a bigger target on him than ever. It's likely that Jerry will allow Jason to keep his brother in some reduced role, though.

The next big question is what will happen with the play-calling duties. The Cowboys are obviously checking into Norv Turner as an offensive coordinator, but he'll have several other suitors. If Jason's stripped of play-calling, and Norv's allowed to bring some of his Chargers assistants, Garrett will become a figure-head. Maybe he'll function better as a game manager, but I'm not convinced that will be the case.

Garrett would effectively be a lame-duck head coach next season. Jerry's made sure of that.