What do the Astros want with Evan Gattis?

BY foxsports • January 15, 2015

So I read Jeff Sullivan's whole column about the not-final-but-we're-assuming-it-happens trade that's sending Evan Gattis from the Braves to the Astros. You should read it, too. But just in case you're really busy or something, here's the takeaway:

The Astros traded (or are assumed to be trading) two of their better prospects for a 28-year-old slugger they don't really need.

Which, you have to admit, isn't something you expected from the Astros this winter!

I didn't, anyway.

Gattis does play left field, but poorly. He can play first base and he can Designated Hit, but the Astros have Jon Singleton and Chris Carter for those jobs. 

Here's my guess: Singleton's going to get a bit more minor-league seasoning, while the Astros see if Gattis can become a real slugger for two or three months. If he does, they can flip him to an American League team next summer or winter, for prospects.

For prospects better than they just gave up, though? That's the part I can't quite figure, except they just gave up two Grade B prospects, and one Grade A is worth more than two Grade B's. But could a 28-year-old Evan Gattis, even under team control for another three or more seasons and having a great summer, bring a Grade A prospect in a trade with a contender?

I sorta doubt it. What I don't doubt is the existence of a plan that we just can't fathom yet.

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